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QuickBooks Mobile App supports Multicurrency feature in IOS Version

QuickBooks Mobile App support multi currency

our mobile device is no less than hardcore desktops and popularly used laptops for accomplishing a long list of accounting and financial management tasks. To make things work well on mobiles, it is necessary that you equip your mobile with some useful apps. From accessing customer info to sending invoices quickly and from snapping a photo of your receipt to attaching images to any transaction, QuickBooks Online mobile app do wonders for all. Making online use of the accounting software more meaningful, the new QuickBooks app IOS version  has been released with a new feature which supports Multicurrency well. QuickBooks Customer Service Support phone Number

Multicurrency feature in QB is useful for easily assigning a specific currency type to multiple accounts and profiles, including customers, vendors, price levels, bank accounts, credit card accounts, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. To activate the Multicurrency feature in QB, the only thing that you need to do is to turn the feature on in QuickBooks Online on the web. Keep in mind that once Multicurrency feature is turned on, QB users will not be able to turn it off. Also remember that QuickBooks add-ons are good for utilizing U.S. currency only and the activation of multicurrency feature will not be affected by addition of add-ons. Here is a 4-step approach helping you how to turn on multicurrency.

First of all, you need to click the Gear Go to Company Settings > Advanced > Currency.

Then, click the (1) Multicurrency

Then, click on the (2) “I understand I can’t undo Multicurrency” checkbox.

Once you are done with the same step, it is high time to click the Save button.

Following are some details of the things that QB users can do with the Multicurrency feature by turning on in their QuickBooks iOS  version:

With this feature, it is really very easy to allocate a foreign currency to customers, vendors, banks, and credit cards as well. When it comes to knowing most used currencies, you can easily find them appeared at the top of the Choose Currency list. In a transaction, when a foreign currency payee or account is chosen, you are likely to see its current exchange rate. Moreover, you can change the exchange rate according to your changing requirements. The only thing that you have to do is to enter the transaction amount in the foreign currency. After this, QuickBooks will show the corresponding amount in home currency. Finally, the usage of QuickBooks IOS app offers foreign currency support on the following: payments, sales receipts expenses, invoices, and estimates.

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