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QuickBooks online inventory management

QuickBooks online inventory management is one of the Intuit service for small business accounting. This version of QuickBooks (focused on selling products) will now help vendors to do their business in a better manner. QuickBooks inventory management software provides you tools that are imperative for growing your business. You can save thousands of dollars and stay with the accounting management software.

This inventory management tool is an integral part of a successful business, serving to proffer uninterrupted production, sales at a minimum rate. Intuit has integrated an advanced inventory management system in QuickBooks with the same interface. With this QuickBooks enterprise, there is no separate inventory management system. All your data is located at one place so that you can easily manage your accounting data, inventory systems, job costing reports, and more.

Now, this online accounting software supports various product categories and tracks the number of products by using SKU number. As your business grows, you start to work with superior vendors; you will find out that they all need unique SKU numbers for every product you sell. For example, if a shirt is available in three different sizes, then it should have 3 different SKU numbers (e.g. DME-BL-K, DME-BL-F, and DME-BL-G).

This will also help in tracking how much inventory a company has while creating an invoice. This process also lets you know what to charge from your buyers and when to reorder different products. “We have an open platform, so we’re open to integrating with anyone and everyone who obviously meets certain criteria in terms of security and things like that,” Karen Peacock, the company’s vice president of small business, said. Tech support phone number

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Interestingly, Peacock further added that Intuit is planning to add automatic re-ordering of products and the ability to create package discounts for its customers. Intuit yet hasn’t partner shipped with third-party marketplaces. However, these integrations may come in the future. According to him, small businesses that apply for a loan using their QuickBooks data now can get approved by using this tool.

Those small businesses companies that seek loans through the process will maintain control over the information they share according to Intuit CEO. Business owners will be capable of reviewing the complete information. Intuit is making these changes to help transition from providing boxed software to providing and monetizing services for small-business finances.

QuickBooks with this inventory management tool, now, offers a range of quality features It’s pretty hard to fully get a grasp of every feature. Still the best way to simplify Product-Based Businesses is to use order and inventory management applications. This tool will incredibly simplify your orders and save processing time. You can simply synchronize your data with QuickBooks and perform all your important business functions in one effortless, online application.

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