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CRM Pioneer announces integration with accounting sensation QuickBooks

integration with QuickBooks

A CRM specialist firm GoldMine has formally announced its integration with QuickBooks, Intuit’s widely used software program. With the new bonding between the two, QuickBooks will be available for GoldMine Cloud subscribers. QuickBooks needs no introduction as Intuit’s pet accounting software program has been a great option for millions of small as well as medium-sized business enterprises in the US and all parts of the world. It is known that GoldMine Cloud was officially launched by the CRM pioneer in June of 2015. GoldMine Cloud is also a part of the growing Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) segment.

“This new offering really makes the promise of running multiple applications from one cloud subscription a high value service,” said Paul Petersen, Vice President and General Manager of GoldMine. “Traditional SaaS requires multiple subscriptions and integration is tough – GoldMine can do it on one platform, and customers can save by our estimate about 15%.”

It is quite clear that users can run Office 365, Email, GoldMine, QuickBooks, and now real-time integration with QuickBooks on the basis of a monthly subscription. Now, CRM users can conveniently work with their ERP system in an effective manner. New Jersey-based W-Systems, a long time GoldMine partner and systems developer, has developed the GoldBooks integration which eliminates double data entry. The new integration is also famous for offering real-time bidirectional access business apps for small and medium-sized businesses as well.

“GoldMine and QuickBooks are two products that dominate the small business CRM market space. W-Systems has provided the bridge between these two products for the past decade. Financial information is important to the sales process and our integration makes it easy for both sides to share information across the company. We are proud to deliver this value onto the new GoldMine Cloud platform,” says Chris Wettre, President of W-Systems.

Interestingly, nGenx, an exclusive GoldMine hosting solution, empowers GoldMine Cloud and influences the Google Compute Engine for performance and system administration. And it does all this at a very competitive price. “This is a great way for our customers to get expert advice from our resellers and is a great business opportunity for our channel,” added Petersen.

With integration between Goldmine and QuickBooks, accounting users are supposed to get the best out of their accounting and financial management devices in an effective manner. Moreover, availability of QuickBooks tech support ensures users freedom from all technical glitches and hassles. This support is a sign that all errors and issues will be resolved amicably.

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